Master Key 2015

There are so many things I want to do on the island. And as with all things, I have made a list to make sure I conquer them all. Don’t worry I’ll be sure to blog about them all, and will likely be adding to the list itself. If there is anything you think I should add to my list, comment below, and by the way challenge accepted.80_675_399_bi_aerial3

An Island Bucket List

  1. Mohegan Bluffs Stairs at sunrise
  2. Bike trip up to Settler’s Rock– Completed 6/7
  3. Paint an Oar for The Oar
  4. Moped with someone in the second seat– Completed 6/10
  5. Front Page Article for Block Island Times– Completed 6/5, and 7/17 (Can’t stop, won’t stop)
  6. Kiss a sailor during Race Week- The week has come and gone, but I am still aiming for a comparable completion at some point
  7. Early Morning Breakfast with the locals at Bethany’s Airport Diner
  8. Attend a real estate open house
  9. Tour the inside of Southeast Lighthouse
  10. Try every ice cream shop on the island– It’s been a scoop filled summer
    1. The Ice Cream Place
    2. Aldo’s
    3. Rebecca’s Takeout-Cheapest thus far
    4. National Fire Side
  11. Block Island Triathlon– 8/1, do or do not, there was a Tri.
  12. Paint the Rock
  13. Kayak on Great Salt Pond- Completed 7/8- and will happen again! IMG_3774
  14. Climb Clayhead Trail– Completed 6/8, 7/18
  15. Take a day trip to Newport and act like a tourist
  16. Win something on the island- Bingo Night 7/21, but even better IMG_2560
  17. Crash a wedding (or at least steak their cake)
  18. Payne’s donuts surprise- 7/24, it was even a surprise to me!
  19. Pet the Yak– Completed 7/19
  20. Score free BBQ at BI Music Festival– (6/9-14) The Burger Dog was invented and shall continue to be made at struggling BBQs everywhere
  21. Get 50 Likes on an Instagram Picture
  22. Find an orb– I’m orbless, but hopeful.

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