Dough Not Panic: Panye’s Killer Donuts

Funny story, and lesson learned. Don’t lock the key to your moped IN youmoped. It leads to high stress and lots of favor asking. Yes, yesterday afternoon I had a slight bonehead moment. I was distracted with my busy afternoon; a surprise visit from my favorite island dogs and sister Kerry followed by a great interview with island artist Ben Woleberg. With my mind tired and elsewhere, I made my big mistake.IMG_3940


In the moment of realizing what I had done, I was on the brink of pancic, but the island walked me back from the cliff. Everything was going to be alright, these things happen. Chill.

And it was, I was able to pry the seat open this morning (with the assistance of my one of my Spring House fellows). On my cloud 9, I was ignited with the sense to share my utter joy. I used the chance to accomplish a Bucket List item, Panye’s Donut surprise.


Panye’s Killer Donuts is located in New Harbor and is an island favorite. The shop serves traditional style donuts in three flavors; plain, sugar and cinnamon. They are served up hot and made just minutes before you are licking your fingers of the sugar post-donut. At $1 per piece the donuts can not be beat. They are extremely popular so there may be a line, but patience is rewarded.

My pleasure doubled with both the taste of these killers, and the joy of giving them to my co-workers.


My roommate Hope received hers while still in bed, but she deserves it as she deals with my early bedtimes and crack of dawn wake ups.


James needed a little spike in the blood sugar to provide supieor front desk service.


It was a great Friday at the Spring House with a storm rolling in at sunset for some beautiful skies. Keep Calm and find a spot to watch the sky play. The Spring House is featured in an article by the Wall Street Journal, check it out. I am expecting a few extra inquires tomorrow due to the publicity!

Have you had Panye’s Donuts before? What’s your favorite type of donut? Stories of lost keys to make me feel a little less like an idiot for this one?


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