Beautiful Block: Southeast Lighthouse

Last night, I took a short bike ride down Spring Street and came across Southeast Light House. The site houses the beacon that was built in 1875. There is bike and care parking available. The Lighthouse is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 10am-4pm for the chance to learn more about and explore the lighthouse. The lighthouse is on the U.S National Register of Historic Places.

IMG_3302The Look: front of the lighthouse sits a large yard (wedding site, anyone?) with views of the southern cliffs of the island. It was somewhat cloudy on this trip out, but beautiful nonetheless. I will have to return for more photos on a clear day and for the full tour. 8/10

The Feel: This site is definitely beautiful, and historic, but based on my visit missing this one will not keep you awake a night. But what this place does have is the elements for some good romance. So it makes the list of beautiful places. It is a quiet, more isolated spot so couples will likely flood the site once the season really opens up. The proposals will start coming and they will likely not stop. So if you are a dude looking to really “wow” her, hop on the moped and head about a mile and a half up Spring Street from Old Harbor and you’ve got yourself a “yes, oh my god yes, I would love to marry you” kind of spot. 9/10

Beautiful Block Rating: 6/10


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