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Block Island is a small island off the coast of Rhode Island. A short ferry ride can transport you to a place with New England town feel and exclusive island remoteness mixed into one. If you can come to this blog having never been to the island or will be returning for the 100th time, welcome! I have and will continue to compile my own experiences and reviews of the places, foods and everything in between of the island. Here are provided “bests” lists, day itineraries and insider tips on making the most of the time you spend on the island. Sit back in your beach chair, I got this one.

IMG_2380Who is Unlocked Block? (And more importantly, why you should trust me)

Hey! I’m Jenna, official (made myself official, but still knowledgeable) Block Island Guide. 2016 is my second summer on Block Island. After one summer, I feel like I know the place, but there is still plenty to discover and share!  I have my favorite spots, but I’m looking to seek out new places to share here.

I am a frugal gal, so don’t expect anything too pricey. I like to break a sweat but refuel with a mix of healthy grub and frozen treats (oh and donuts, coffee, and fish and chips!)

Oh and why should you trust my opinions? Well, I can promise the facts and an honest weight of the pros and cons of every experience. Plus I have great taste (duh…).


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