Master Key 2016

2016 Block-It List

There is no elevator to success.            You have to take the stairs.


This list helps me to go out and do more on Block Island. I will share just how I am able to complete these lofty goals (or how I fail trying). Wish me luck!

  1. Eat Cake By the Ocean because the song makes it sound so fun.
  2. Explore Block after the sun goes down
  3. Get myself on a sailboat
  4. Fly above Block
  5. Work “odd jobs”. Martini Night is a good place to start.
  6. Polo party in Newport
  7. Be a gracious host for all those who visit me on Block (and make sure everyone signs the guest book)
  8. Find an orb!
  9. Play more sports: tennis, yoga, soccer
  10. Win the Triathlon? Cause if you ain’t first you’re last
  11. Win trivia night at Club Soda
  12. Have one “tech-free” day a month
  13. Ride a horse
  14. Eat at bars alone (my mom gave me this one)
  15. Sunrise hike followed by Old Post Bagels
  16. Meet other bloggers and blog about it!
  17. Intsagram a photo and hit 100 likes!
  18. Have another drink.
  19. Have an Eat, Pray, Love day.
  20. Volunteer on Block!