Cream Chronicles: The Ice Cream Place

As you may have realized based on last week’s Fun Fact Friday, I like ice cream. OK, I love it. OK, I’m slightly obsessed. It’s a summer thing, something about being handed that cone with it’s size and flavor determined only by the ice cream gods makes me look forward to summer like you won’t believe.

Being from New England I have grown up with the privilege of being handed superior cones. New England ice cream produces tend to use a higher fat cream percentage than other parts of the country and it makes a difference. So it being summer, I am at it again, but now I am on an island, thankfully a New England Island. Block has no shortage of ice cream options and if you take a look at my Master Key, you can see #10: Try every ice cream shop on the island;I plan to visit them all.

Like the go-getter that I am I took to my goals yesterday and tried out my first scoop shop. The Ice Cream Place. The name was good enough to get me in the door. It was not an expected cone. Long story short I was using their sitting area to eat my lunch because they were closed, but as I was grubbin’ the owner and a few employees all show up. They didn’t say anything, but I was feeling like I should probably pretend I had been camping out their opening so they didn’t think I was too much of bum.

The Ice Cream Place has a pretty good selection of flavors. With soft serve and soft serve frozen yogurt choices in addition to their homemade hard packed flavors. I settled on Almond Joy. On the flavor scale, it was 7/10 but it was not as creamy as I prefer my cones. The cone itself was a little stale, but the shop does also offer it’s own freshly made waffle cones (sorry I’m not made of money, there was no trying that one.)


I eyed their baked goods as well, and will likely return to grab a few of the “Panda Brownies” that looked tempting. But overall the shop performed below my expectations. But they do have a great seating area I have to give them that. Hopefully as the summer goes on when I stop by again (because I know I still probably will), another flavor might “wow” me more.

Is there a certain something you like in your cones? What is your favorite ice cream stop in New England? What’s your favorite flavor? Because I can do a psychoanalysis based on that information alone.


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