Adventures ETC: Unblockable Tendencies

Unblockable |ʌnbläkˈābəl| (adjective): to describe a feeling of confidence and self-assuredness

After a week on the island, she was unblockable. I heard she might run for town office.

New word. Add it to your vocabulary because might be used often in describing how I have been doing on the island. Over the past couple days I have accomplished a few more things on from my Master Key and have had a great time doing so.

IMG_3428IMG_3430First off was my hike on Clay Head. I will do an entire Beautiful Block piece on the Clay Head Trail after I hike it again because my phone was on the fritz and unable to take to many pictures. I did catch a few, but the trail is truly beautiful and I would love to capture it and share. The trailhead is about a half mile down a dirt road off Corn Neck road up towards the most northern part of the island. The trail stays along the water but is high off it. The cliffs and slopping edges show how the ocean is slowly eroding the island.

I hiked it out on Monday afternoon in the rain, but a pretty kind of rain. It made stumbling upon an island “Poetry Box” all the more #deep #meaningful. The boxes are a neat idea. Stationed throughout the island by The Block Island School they contain a poem often times with some sort of props. On the side of them contain notebooks for passersby to contribute a poem. I added a few lines, but prefer the one I found to my own.

IMG_3436 (2)

As I continue my unblockable tendencies, I crossed off another To-Do today with the help of Amanda. I set the goal of driving with a second rider because I literally have zero experience with having anyone joining my rides. This presents an issue. I had struggled to find anyone who wanted to be my #2, knowing that they would be the #1. This lead to summers of lonely rides and bypassed moped use when with others. Tragic, I know. But Amanda gets a gold star for her role in me overcoming this life dream of mine.

I told her I needed one just in case for the memorial service.


We headed out with a knot in my stomach, but the can- attitude. We succeeded and befittingly took our inaugural ride to the beach, like any good moped riders should. Followed up by some Captain Nick’s for the Block Island Music Festival (check that), we were island stylin’ after crushing a day at the office (more to come on the show).IMG_3443IMG_3442

Artsy Music Festival photo, had to.


Yes, I’m feeling unblockable. Not much can stop me now. Amanda and I agreed that since we run the office of the largest hotel on the island, that in some ways pretty much run the whole island. What could be better than that? Logic, right?

What does unblockable mean to you? Some day-trippers stopped by the desk today and got me thinking, if you only had one day on the island (and it was a beautiful day) what would you do?


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