The Chopping Block: The Oar

The Oar severed me my first meal here on Block, and I was pretty impressed. My father and I spotted it after a jaw-dropping loop around the southern end of the island. The restaurant is located in New Harbor, with views of the Great Salt Pond.

My dining partner (and transportation service).

IMG_3293The Food: The menu features a selection of sandwiches, burgers, salads, sharable apps and their “something special” sushi. I dined on a Mediterian salad (yeah, I know we’re in the middle of the Atlantic) with Mahi Mahi while my father had a burger. What they lack in superior flavor is made up for with their extensive options. Everyone will be able to get what they want here, and it’s going to be good (not the best you’ve ever had, but good). 8/10

The Vibe: Casual, bar and completely open to the elements, the atmosphere created is exactly where you want to be on a beautiful summer day. The restaurant is decorated head to toe with you guessed it OARS. The waitress informed me that anyone can bring in an Oar and it will be hung up. Can I mention the great marketing scheme going on here, not only will you come to see their IMG_6173collection, but you will come to visit your oar again and again. If I can get my hands on an oar, this is happening, but for now I’ll just enjoy the Instagram likes I get on the photo of them I took.

Down on the lawn of the restaurant the party of the restaurant with Corn-Hole sets, picnic tables and Adirondack chairs. They get extra points for table service on the lawn as well.

With views of the west, The Oar is a also home to a great view spot for sunsets so you can thank me for the double-taps later #nofilter. 9/10


The Chop: Overall this place seems like the place to be. For drinks, snacks or a meal The Oar impressed me. I can’t comment on the prices (as I did not pay, Thanks Dad!) but I would assume they were not anything too wild. They are known for their Mudslides, so if you’re in to boozy ice cream (aka normal), you’ve got to try theirs. 8.5/10

Now paddle, row, skull or do just about anything over to The Oar.


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