Cream Chronicles: A Rematch Doubleheader

A weekend on Block means one thing, rewarding one’s labors with cones. And since I am still on the hunt for the best cone of the island, the work never stops.

IMG_5054Friday Night, Amanda and I tried out Aldo’s Ice Cream. Aldo’s is a the mega church of ice cream spots. They have ice cream, soft serve, gelato and then an entire bakery as well. Overwhelmed? Yeah, me too. The options left me pulling the classic sample song and dance of trying two flavors and then going on to order a completely separate one.

I settled on Mint Patty. It was nothing jaw dropping, but hit the spot. I felt like there was just so much I want from Aldo’s plethora of choices that no one scoop could fulfill my ice cream desires. It was not a swing and miss, I’d call it a double on the baseball scale.

So as already discussed, I love my cream. So the following night, round two at The Ice Cream Place. This time I wasn’t messing around. With cost not being a factor (good betting skills, won me the cone), I went for it. A walking sundae is what they call it, but I could barely handle this thing sitting down. Take a homemade waffle cone add a scoop of ice cream (mine was Snickers), drizzle that baby in hot fudge, scoop on the whipped cream (yes, scoop from a bowl) and top it with a cherry and you have yourself a homerun.


Best bite was the last, as the hot fudge pools up nicely in the bottom of the cone. Ok, Ice Cream Place you have proven yourself worthy. Back on the good list. Meaning more cones to come.

Two Words: Get it.

This would be a good profile picture, just so they know up front what they are getting into.IMG_3383.JPG


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