Saying Goodbye to Block

Disclaimer, I am not typing this post from Block Island. I won’t be typing any posts from Block Island for a while actually. I am off-island and back to the mainland way of doing things like sitting at stop lights and ignoring eye-contact with strangers. The worst.

To bid my farewell I want to create a guide to help readers past and present get right to the good stuff of the blog and also to rate my top picks for Block.

What needs to be noted is that though I am off-island, life there remains. It thrives to be more exact. Early fall is a great time to visit with the ocean staying warm and keeping the island temperate. Weddings brings plenty of visitors on the weekends, but consider a mid-week September trip and you will find lower hotel rates, private beaches and romance in a bottle.

So if you visit in the fall (or want to be ready for next summer) here a few top picks to keep in mind:

Taxi Cab: Rondo’s Taxi; 401-466-5550, Rondo is your guy when it come to island transportation. He will answer your call and “be up in about 5 minutes”. Always. Fun Fact, he also writes religious books.

Best Breakfast:


To-Go: Old Post Bagel Shop, corner of Ocean and Corn Neck Road; Open early (6:30AM) Old Post provides the goods with Mega Muffins, freshly baked bagels and coffee with a kick.

Insider’s Tip: Great Wi-Fi and outdoor seating!

IMG_3899 Sit-Down: The 1661 Inn, Spring Street, from 8-10:30am daily find everything you have every what to have for breakfast with an omelette station, bottomless Mimossas, stacks on stacks of pancakes, freshly-catched cod and did I mention it’s unlimited. #foodcoma


  1. Scotch Beach, sandy, swimmable and not to crowded
  2. Madison Beach- Little crowded but waves for body surfing like a pro
  3. Pebbly Beach- Close to town, super private, but surprise surprise “pebbly”

Events and Happenings:

  1. Block Island Triathlon– A reason to visit in itself, reward your training with a destination competition, early August IMG_4006
  2. Block Island Music Festival– Spend 6 days hearing over 40 Bands at Captain Nick’s, mid-June Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 9.21.57 AM
  3. Bingo– A yearly family tradition of Bingo night, lands you with prizes galore, multiple Tuesdays throughout the summer

Ice Cream: 

IMG_3385I take my ice cream pretty seriously, check out this post for the entire run down.

  1. Aldo’s Bakery- Everything you’ve ever wanted for dessert
  2. Rebecca’s- Your wallet will thank you
  3. Ice Cream Place-Get in line, but grab a spoon this is gunna get good.

Place to Stay:

IMG_3800The one, the only Spring House Hotel. 163 years old, the best restaurants in town, and don’t forget that cute girl that works at the front desk.

As you come or go from the island take a little advice with you, here are a few of my Pre-Iand Preparation pieces:

I spent the summer trying to complete my “Master Key”, check it out to see how I did. All uncompleted tasked will be rolled over to next summer when I plan to raise to bar (and stakes!).

The summer has made me pretty familiar with the island, enough to consider calling myself an expert. Too soon? Test me. Questions about visiting Block Island in the off-season, try me. As I bid ado to my island home, what does that mean for Unlocked Block? Well, it won’t be as regular, but I plan to continue posting about the island though I am removed. Check back for updates.

Until the next ferry ride, farewell Block Island.


5 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye to Block”

  1. I will miss hearing about the island…your blog always took me there for a few minutes – always a great break! Thanks for educating us to this fun spot!!


  2. Hi,

    Where’s Madison Beach located?

    I’ve been coming out to BI for a long time and never heard of it.



  3. czy konkurencja we wssÃų‚czepnym kapitalizmie jest taka do koÅ„ca zdrowa?Z grubsza biorÄ…c, obawiam siÄ™, iż ze “starej Europy” bÄ™dziemy importować towary oraz specjalistów (w tych dziedzinach, gdzie wystÄ™puyje tam nadprodukcja fachowców), natomiast głównym naszym dobrem eksportowym okaże siÄ™ tania siÅ‚a robocza.


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