Beautiful Block: Settler’s Rock

Today marks one week since arriving on Block. It has been quite the busy one. But when I had to answer the question of “How am I liking it so far?” that was posed to me, I would have to say I love it. The island has a lot to offer and I want to take it up on that. The Master Key I made should keep me pretty busy in my down time from work, and today was no exception.

I biked out to Settler’s rock, which is the northern most point on the island. It is a fairly flat ride about 4 miles each way. Once I got out there I took a stroll up to the Northern Light, just beyond.

First, a little bit of history on the rock. Based on the rock’s bio that it boasts on it’s own, the town of New Shoreham (Block Island to the rest of the world) was founded in 1661. They dropped this rock here in 1911 to #throwback in honor of the first settlers and purchasers. Mostly likely a bunch of Quakers trying not to be killed up at Plymouth Plantation (further evidence for Block’s superiority to the Cape).


Today the rock serves a great biking destination for tourist and wannabe locals (myself included). A right onto Corn Neck road puts bikers right on a straight path to reach the rock. Along they way they can take in the views of beautiful beaches, nature and houses they will never own.

Two friends I bumped into at the lighthouse joined my adventure. Did I mention that the tininess of the island is great and I love knowing people anywhere I go? On the way back to Old Harbor we took note of the hiking trails along the way. I will be returning up this end of the Block for those very, very soon.

This car was parked up at the rock, and it is now in the running for coolest car on the Island.


View of the North Light from Settler’s Rock.IMG_3394.JPG (1) I found it interesting that the light house grounds serve as a hatch spot for seagulls. With so many people coming in and out of the area, these Mamas have to play a lot of defense. IMG_3401.JPG

The spot has a great view of Rhode Island and also the Western half of the island. It is a popular spot so don’t expect privacy if you visit. But the rock, lighthouse and view is a worthy reason to rent a bike and pedal up the Block. On your way you will get to see more of what the island has to offer as well. 8/10



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