Block Party: Blues on the Block

IMG_1236Blues on the Block is a Block Island tradition that brings together many of my favorite things: music, early evening activities, sand, the list goes on and on.

On select Wednesdays at Fred Benson Town Beach Pavilion, join the “cool cats in town” for a shaking good time. This summer you still have one chance to go, August 3rd.

IMG_1226Go prepared. Music starts at 6pm going til about 8pm so make it a picnic. Serious tailgaters you know what to do here, but if you’re new to the game here’s your short introduction. Start with drinks, a nice wine says “I’m classy and I know it” and pairs well with a hummus spread. Throw in some pita chips and a quarter pound of sharp cheddar and you’ll be turning away the Queen from your beach blanket.

On Block with limited resources? Go the take-out route and pick up some pizza pies at Aldo’s. You won’t have to worry about utensils, and you’ll make your evening hassle free. Just remember “carry in, carry out” the seagulls are not hungry for your beer bottles.

So once your bottomless pit (stomach) is full, time to dance. The musicians at Blues on the Beach changes each night, but all of the groups play for the crowd and play very well. After 7pm once the crowd is really there, the platform in front of the Pavilion becomes a dance IMG_1229floor. To my surprise, people really dance (myself included) (yes that link is worth clicking)! Say awe when they slow it down for couples and enjoy watching older couples circle the floor (if your faith in love isn’t restored, you’re a cold one).
The night winds down as the sun sets and music fades. Blues on the Block is the perfect cap to a Block Island day.

If there is inclement weather, Blues on the Beach is held at Captain Nicks. So mark your calendars for August 3rd, you don’t want to miss this show.

Do you like Blues music? Is 6pm the new hot hour of the night? Is Bruno Mars considered Blues?

Bonus Blog

Today, I had my lovely grandparents on Block Island. They choose the perfect day to visit with calm seas, a farmers’ market and a natural-born tour guide with the day off. And hey, this isn’t their first time.

We had lunch at the Spring House because why go anywhere but the best? Then we were ready for a quick dip. We headed to Ballard’s beach because of its location, but I did so begrudgingly. Ballard’s is too crowded for me with too much alcohol to worsen the situation. But it did the trick. We dunked and dashed, dodging Ballard’s finest.


It was a quick trip, but these two did it right. I tried to offer them a hotel room, but they forgot their toothbrushes. Thanks for visiting Grandma and Grandpa, see you soon!




Block Party: Martini Night at Spring House Hotel

Tonight marks my final Martini Night. Every Thursday, The Spring House hosts live music in its Bistro. It’s a rocking good time, so much that I first learned of it because if I was booking anyone in the hotel for a Thursday evening, I needed to make sure they were fully aware of the event. This is my last week as “Cover Girl”, but next Thursday, August 27th, is the final party for the summer.


Members of the Band Sugar provide the music. The Band Sugar is a 14-piece ensemble, but Martini night does not pull the whole group out to the island. Usually, the stage is taken by about 5 or 6 band members. They perform covers of the classics of 80s, 90s and today. They get you up and grooving. You have to be pretty cold hearted to shimmy to Billie Jean, in my opinion. According to their website, the band sugar provides “ An enormous repertoire of material that spans a multitude of genres, styles and generations, past and present, old and new.” My favorite of the summer is their cover of Chicken Fried by The Zac Brown Band. Because it is not the entire band, we have come to call the group of Martini night “Splenda”; they look like Sugar, sound like Sugar, but it won’t cost you the same as real stuff 😉

But you will pay a little. There is a $5 cover charge to attend Martini night and that’s where I come in. I’m the gal at the door who will give you a nice smile and joke as I make you reach into your wallet and pull out a Lincoln, or make that a Hamilton if you want to make your friend pay you back with a drink. Don’t worry you’ll come out in the positive, Martinis range in price of $13-$16. The bar also serves its other drinks as well if you’re not a Martini type.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 6.32.26 PM

Though it is “Martini Night”, blame the state of Rhode Island for the bar’s inability to discount your gin. The state outlaws discounted alcohol is an effort to keep Ocean Staters from getting their happy hour on.

But before you write off the costly drinks and quasi-famous band, let me assure you, Martini Night is exactly where you want to be on Thursday evenings on Block Island. The band gets rocking and the Bistro vibe is swanky and the dance floor gets rocking. It is a slightly older scene with the $5 cover charge keeping out the rift raft. The bar also boasts access to The Spring House porch and yard for views of the twinkling mainland and uninterrupted stargazing.

The event is 21+ with tight security. The cover charge is handled by yours truly beginning at 9:30pm. The party stays up late, ‘til about 12:30am. So don’t call the front desk with your noise complaint.

Now, Keep Calm and Have Another.

Mead Leads: Block Island Times

I’ve spent under a week here on the island and I have already accomplished one of the items from my Master Key Bucket List. I thought #5 Front Page Article for the Block Island Times would a lot longer. I was floored when the paper was delivered while I was at work and I found my piece on the front page.

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 9.18.10 AM

Let me back track a little. Monday morning as I sat at Topside, I chatted with a girl who mentioned how I should write for the paper after I told her about my interests in journalism. ‘l will blame the rain for inspiring me to be productive. The Block Island Times was right across the street so I popped over and introduced myself. After sitting down with the editor, talking about my experiences in writing (which I feel are pretty limited, but didn’t tell him that) and pulling up my blog here, I was offered an internship for the summer.

I think it’s pretty ironic how I stressed and stressed over choosing a job where I could make money over a summer internship at home, and now I was able to score the best of both within hours of arriving on Block Island. See this place is awesome.

My assignments will vary. My editor explained that I could write my own pieces or take the assignments from the office. My first week’s article “Block Island Bonnaroo” ran on Friday, to my surprise on the front page! Check off #5.

The music festival starts next Tuesday and features 48 bands over the course of 6 nights (stay tuned for posts on my attendance). I interviewed the owner of Captain Nick’s, where the festival is being held, for the piece. It felt like real journalism (because it was, I have to remind myself) unlike a lot of the other writings I have done before. Take a read.

Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 9.21.57 AM

I will continue to share my featured articles here on the blog and the places I find myself seeking out more. Next week I am working on a piece about Airbnbs on the island. I have been in contact with some hosts and hopefully will be able to put together a newsworthy piece. I will have to resign and know that every article might not be on the front page, but they can still be important nonetheless.