Ge-Lot to Love-O: Mia’s Gelateria

IMG_1085The sign reads, “If you like ice cream, you’ll LOVE gelato!”

Is it true? There’s only one way to find out.

Mia’s Gelateria is new to Block Island this summer operating in the same location and serving the same gelato last the former Beckett’s Gelato. I never made it into Beckett’s last summer as I have a strong affinity to the classic cone of ice cream.

But, times are a changing as they say. So I did my research. For those of you that don’t know Gelato is the Italian version of ice cream. The major difference is that it is made with milk instead of cream like in ice cream. Also, when it is prepared less air is introduced to mixture so the product is richer in each bite.

With the perfect flavor in each bite, gelato is eaten in smaller quanities thanyour typical cone. This is a bold move. Less dessert? Are you kidding me, that sounds horrible. But trust me, the Gelota at Mia’s is rich, creamy and round in ever bite. The tiny spoon slows you down and you’ll join the “less is more” bandwagon.

IMG_1082The dense dessert is available 18 flavors at Mia’s. The most popular flavors include Salted Carmel Chunk, Coconut Almond Crunch, and Sea Salt Chocolate. Mix and match flavor combinations or go for a scoop in a freshly prepared waffle cone. Flavor change weekly, check back for new additions. Doyon ‘s also dishes up non-dairy sherbets. And on cooler days stop by for Dunkin Donut’s brand coffee.

One super cool thing about Mia’s Gelateria is the fact it is Mia’s own. Mia Doyon is 19 years old and is the owner of the shop. Having worked in the shop before, she bought out the previous owner and now is her own boss.IMG_1089

Major kudos to Mia for young entrepreneurship. Oh and for serving top-notch frozen deliciousness.

The shop is open daily from 12-10pm and is located just below the front porch of the National Hotel. Mia’s Gelateria is cash only. Stop by for a sample and you be ordering a cup! Like Mia’s on Facebook for flavor and shop updates!

Have you every tried Gelato? If you were a gelato flavor what would you be? Don’t tiny spoons make you feel like a giant?


3 thoughts on “Ge-Lot to Love-O: Mia’s Gelateria”

  1. Jenna, Thanks for the review on Mia’s Gelateria , only nineteen years old!! Hope you survived your recent island guests OK. Was it fun? Karen seemed a little tire last evening. Better today. So keep in touch. Iwent to Currier today with my friend Louise for past art of NYC and Boston Ocourse we had tea and cake and perused the gift shop. Very hot here so we had early dinner at Carrabbas. Miss you. take care. Love, Gr. Joanne Haircut , color Friday. I need it. Sent from my iPad



  2. Je suis enseignante stagiaire (et je suis jeune) et pour ne pas que mes élèves s’en rendent compte (ce qui est déjà dur vu que j’ai des visites hebdomadaires de mon tuteur …) je leur dis souvent:« tous les ans j’aime les mêmes erreurs »« Chaque année j’ai cette quasuion »« l&rsqto;ennée dernière les élèves avaient réalisé des panneaux donc on va recommencer… »Ca marche, je ne suis pas encore démasquée !


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