Type A Itinerary: Love like This

Have I found my Block Island soul mate? My summer love? Ha, no. But my cousin Shannon and her husband Joe visited the Island this weekend and reminded me of how great of a place the island is for couples. Here is Shannon with a break down of a romantic anniversary weekend done island style.


Having grown-up in Rhode Island and visted the island many times before, Block Island was a pretty getaway following our Jamestown Wedding last summer. To celebrate a job well done (one year of happy marriage) Joe and I returned to our island escape.

IMG_0292 2

9 am- The Love Boat

We caught the traditional ferry out of Point Judith. We were last on ferry with our moped. But we felt like total VIPs because we had the privilege of having to say with the bike for the ride, but we were happy to; upstairs the ferry riders were packed in like sardines and struggling to even come up for air. Like the frugal fannies we are, we came prepared with our own drinks and snacks. #yoursavingsaresexy

10:30am- Stairway to Heaven

With our own moped and island knowledge, we knew exactly were we wanted to head once we docked. The moped makes a few miles drive seem like we are somewhere and Europe and I just met Joe at a Beret and Baguette Sale. The Mohegan Bluffs provide the setting for love and other drugs of hormones to get the blood pumping. I mean descending cliffs with the assistance of a well tanned muscular man makes the blood start pumping. On top of that when we summited the stairs on our return, we have accomplished something together, and the bond is strengthened, gush, gush, gush, I know.

12pm- We are The Champions

Joe and I know this island. We know which spots we love, which spots have lines and which spots we refuse to leave the island without hitting. We both have a sense of GO, so hitting all of them is doable. Mudslides at Champlain’s Marina was the first bar we hit, followed by a short wading walk to The Oar. We met up with another couple shortly, but we stuck to our guns and bulleted to our next to-do. A little foresight in our planning made hitting all of our favorites a breeze.

3pm- Come Sail Away

The cool thing about Block Island as a getaway is that it is not an extremely exotic distant place. So we know people here, like my cool cousin Jenna who lives on the island. Jenna brought us over to the Block Island Club for Stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking and a nice dip in Great Salt Pond. Jenna reaffirmed to Joe he married into the right family.

5pm- Looking the PartIMG_3811

Looking good for Joe is part of the fun of marriage. Jenna and I stopped by The Tipsy Mermaid to find some “That’s my hot wife” clothing.

6pm- Don’t Stop Won’t Stop

Up the hill to the Spring House for drinks with a view, was a great way to start the evening. Blueberry Lemonade was my cocktail of choice, and I can highly recommend it. The slowed down pace of the lawn, views and atmosphere of the Spring House allowed us to just relax and talk while Jenna probed questions on just how Joe and I came to be the pair that we are.


7pm- 69 Kittens

On the return to our hotel, Joe and I stopped by Yellow Kittens for nachos the size of the island itself and margaritas to wash them down. We had visited the spot on our Miny-moon, and it was great to return, plus our real honeymoon had been in Mexico so a hint of lime sents us right back.

8pm- Love Shack


We stayed the night at The Barrington Inn, located in New Harbor. Our room was great with a full sized bed, which left no complaints from us; There was even a twin size bed as well in the room which left us questioning, should we put the bed on Craigslist and get a roommate? The highlight of the room was the porch, and having a private sunset drink was romance that makes Nicholas Sparks cry.



10pm-Keeping The Flame Alive

My cool cousin had a great spot for us to have our final drink and dessert of the day. Chocolate Espresso Martinis and S’mores at The National Fireside did the day justice. Chatting around the fire with strangers about who we are, where we come from and just how great we are reminds us of what we have together. The firepit itself reminded us of the most memorable moment of our first year together, building the patio in the back yard of our new home.


Our trip to Block continued with a morning of mimosas on the beach, with Old Post Bagel Shop scones and a ferry ride home more in love than ever before #hatersjustbejealousofmyman

Block Island is great spot to spend a night or two and feel a world away with your honey. The convenience of getting there coupled with the options abound once arrived means everyone is happy and in love.

What do you think of Shannon and Joe’s weekend adventure? What other romantic activities have you found on the island? What is the most romantic spot you’ve found? How do you keep the flame alive?


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