Pre-Island Preparations: Unsolicited Advice Part II

Back at it and with plenty more to share. The island is small, but I still find more and more everyday. With this comes expert know-how and the desire to inform the public. Here is round two on my traveler’s tips.


  1. Your pants will still fit when you leave

Awe vacation. A chance to eat and drink whatever with an easy resolution to get back on the health track once you return home. But before you fret, consider this. Block is home to so many activities that get to break a sweat without a thought. The fun of biking all around the island, walking on the beach for miles at sunset or an early morning run with the rising sun all burns baby burns. You will have an appetite post island exploring and Block Island offers plenty of great options for refueling. Mudslides and Fish and Chips feel a little less heavy once you’ve conquered the Mohegan Stairs. At the same time, it’s hard to find a restaurant or café that doesn’t offer home grown produce or natural ingredientIMG_3385They don’t mess around with ice cream here. So balance your diet with fresh produce and gorgeous salads.

  1. Warning: GLASS ON THE BEACH!glass-float-project

Heads up! Important to know that as soon as you step off the ferry, there is hidden glass all over. But don’t worry, this is a good thing. We are not talking about broken Coronas, but instead Orbs. Hidden hand blown glass balls, called orbs are hidden through out the island for you to find and keep! Most are hidden along the beach and nature conservancy trails. Insider’s tip: a new batch is hidden every Thursday evening, making Friday morning a prime time to go hunt. Tap in your inner pirate and take home a free souvenir.

  1. There She BlowsIMG_3515

The heat of a New England summer is not exactly what you will find on the Island. The ocean moderates the temperate and it is hard to find a day without a breeze on the island. Many of the hotels do not have air conditioning due to their age, but save yourself the extra fee on the room with AC. The breeze keeps the heat the island does endure pretty comfortable. With this I will add, it does get cool unexpectedly. Pack a jacket and pair of pants for this vacation, so you can still enjoy outdoor dining and fun even when the coast howls and tries to mess up your hair.

  1. Best of both worlds

You love the ocean waves, the sand in your toes and the free salt-water mermaid hairdo. Your travel partner likes to kayak, swimming without rolling over and going on hikes. The Fresh versus Salt-water debacle ends here. The island is home to beaches, obviously, but also fresh ponds. Additionally, though it is salt water, Great Salt Pond is great for smooth water activities like kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, small-boat sailing. And for those granola-crunchy types the Nature Conservancy trails make for hiking and turning your beach vacation into a greener than expected getaway.

  1. Smash Open the Piggy Bank

With the small businesses on the island making your mouth water with delicious baked goods, and shops making you want to do your Christmas shopping in July, a good thing to be prepared for is a hand-written sign taped haphazardly to the cash register reading “ CASH ONLY”. Rob a bank before you leave the main land and fill your wallet with straight paper. There are plenty of ATMs on the island, but running to them and paying fees to get money just feels wrong . Be prepared, because nothing is worse than having skip the lemonade stand because they don’t except AMEX.



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