The Tipsy Mermaid: Prepping your Summer Attire

IMG_3681.JPGNew to the island this summer is a clothing boutique with not only a unique name, but also a unique style. The Tipsy Mermaid is located on Water Street between Block Market and Mahoney’s. The new shop is full of what the manger Kelly Case calls “bright preppy resort-ware”.

Dennis Noreiko, who also operates The Wave, Bonnie & Clyde, and The Mad Hatter, owns the store. Kelly Case, who with baby in tow juggles the responsibilities of three stores, manages the new store. When speaking about the store’s name Case says, “I feel bad about using the name because I later found it is a name of a cocktail at Poor People’s Pub”. Even so, it is a fitting name. The store is full of lively clothing one would feel comfortable in wearing to cocktail parties near the ocean, ie becoming a “tipsy mermaid” (or close enough). In addition, Case adds that she plans to feature “Wine-inspired” gifts and t-shirts in the future.


The only caveat in the store’s opening has been slight confusion as long term Bonnie & Clyde customers return to the store looking for their favorite Lily Pulitzer items. But have no fear, the “preppier” brands that the store once hosted have just moved down the road to The Tipsy Mermaid and are all connected in ownership. Case adds that customers can continue to shop Bonnie & Clyde for a more bohemian style and be sure to pop into the new shop for classical items.

Right now the store’s most popular apparel brands include Lily Pulitzer, Jude Connally, Susana Monaco, and Perifor. It also has plenty of non-clothing options as well. Sail Bags, which as made using recycled sails from sailboats are offered, as well as trendy Scout Bags. At The Tipsy Mermaid one can also find beautiful jewelry, functional stationary and smaller designer gift items.

With Lily Pulitzer becoming even more popular with it’s Target collection, the store finds it’s supply met with demand. They have been busy since opening and hope this is not a short-term trend. Throughout the summer the store will be adding new items, with fall pieces starting in late July. The shop is and will continue to be a great place to pick up an extra sweater or jacket that was over looked while packing for the summer and a place to find a fashionable dress for an upcoming summer event. Right now also available last year’s merchandise is 50% off.


Case admits that Lily Pulitzer is her favorite brand. She is the store’s purchaser and it is clear, she knows her Lily. From casual beach cover-ups to fancier attire the brand and the store’s other brands work in supporting the central style the store represents with ease.   In response to why people should check out the store, Kelly Case believes “Its style is classic summer” and that’s Block Island as well. The island is a summer paradise and The Tipsy Mermaid can outfit you for the occasion.

Stop by The Tipsy Mermaid, it is located at 234 Water Street and is open from 9:30am to 10pm daily. If you are lucky, you may find Muraco sitting on the counter. He is the pup of a store employee, and he will be happy to assist in checking you out.IMG_3686.JPG


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