Beautiful Block: A Hopeful Hike

This AM, my roommate Hope and I jumped out of bed and ran for the hills. We decided we needed an adventure, and with Hope working at noon, we had to get an early start. We both had been itching to explore Rodman’s Hallow which lies in the southwest corner of the island. The glaciers that craved out the island a few years ago left the gapping hallow for us adventurous gals to go explore.


But we before anything was being explored we needed to fuel the machines. Luca’s Market was selected for topping off our tanks. Located on Ocean Avenue between Old and New Harbor, the new(ish) market was a great spot to stop. The market sells crafted grommet groceries, the kind of place you would love to buy everything and could even consider giving any of their items as a gift and it would totally be fine (that doesn’t run true with most grocery stores). For our breakfast purpose we began our morning explorations with the bakery and deli the spot boast. IMG_3631

Hope and I hit up the “Day Old” basket for goodies, mine included a Nutella Stuffed Chocolate Chip cookies (for post hike reward). My blueberry scone was exactly what a scone should be and their coffee was darkly roasted and just the way I like it. We even met “Luca” himself, turns out he is a small child, not a cute little old man on a tractor.


Back on our bikes we headed to the Hallow. Hills and silly lost tourist may have slowed us down, but it was still early enough when we arrived to hear birds chirping in their excitement of our arrival.

IMG_3659There are number of criss crossing trails in the Hallow. From the parking lot all of them will lead you out to the ocean. If you get too lost at a fork in road, channel your inner Robert Frost and you will know exactly which way to head.

IMG_3641When we reached the water, we found steep slopes down, but supporting ropes to assist in the decent. Down on the beach the water washes up with great views to the south of Long Island.IMG_3643


Hope and I got all reflective on our hike (must have something to do with the pretty views). We reflected on both of our lives, where we are headed, what we are nervous about and the excitement we have for the road along the way. Thinking in the near future, Hope would like to join the Peace Corps and I would like to continue to embellish my college life with whatever additional means I can. Multiple personalities is not typical ones goal, but I like the life style of multidimensional living. Here on Block I am a hotel front desk worker, a freelance journalist, a bouncer at Martini night, a tri-athlete in training and a travel blogger. Not too shabby.

Wading pools created by the ties for children means looking for creatures, sadly for a 20 year old, it means attempting to get artsy for Instagram likes. I digress, but still participate nonetheless.


The Hallow provides a great short hike for those looking to give their butts a rest from their beach chairs on the island. With our bike ride home taking us the southern loop, Hope and I covered a good portion of the island before rest of the town was finished with their morning cup of joe. Be prepared to feel better about life in general post hike.

What’s the best adventure you’ve ever been on before noon? Do you have a favorite morning baked good? What’s your “triple threat”? Why am I not #instafamous yet? Comment below


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