Type A Travel: A Senior’s Afternoon

IMG_3565I had my first visitors come out to see me on Friday. My grandparents, both 85+, made the ocean voyage to see their favorite grandchild. I was so excited to have them and to get to show my favorite spots on the island like an expert tour guide. I did not take the job lightly.

I am what some call “Type A”. I know what I want to do and then I set out a very clear path of how I am going to get there. With this sometimes relaxing on vacations is nothing but stressful. Just lay on the beach? But think of all the things I could have done in the mean time! The places I need to go and see!

I have decided to use my powers for good and help all my readers seize the days they spend on Block with Type A Travel Itineraries. My first guinea pigs: Joanne and Brownie.

An Afternoon on The Block

12pm: Ferry arrives at Old Harbor

They arrived mid day which allowed them to take their time getting down from NH. This day plan would be good for those looking to spend just a half day on the island.

12:30pm: Lunch at the Spring House

A lunch out on the veranda of the Spring House is worth the extra few bucks. As I’ve reviewed before, the food and scenery are excellent. The grandparents dined on Clam Chowder and Fish and Chips that were both very much enjoyed.

2pm: Catnap on the LawnIMG_3563

The views cannot be beat from the Spring House lawn, and their welcoming chairs make it a great place to savor the island beauty. Grab the Block Island Times from the front desk, and have no shame of a food comma washes over you, your tour guide will wake you up.

2:30: Driving Island Tour

Southeast Lighthouse: Follow Spring Street about a mile to see the island’s oldest lighthouse. A walk out to the lighthouse, and fence offers great views of the bluffs and a distant Long Island. Fun Fact: The lighthouse was moved 100 yards back from the cliff in 1993; at the time it was the largest structure to ever be moved in one piece.


Mohegan Bluffs: Just down the road from the Southeast Light are the Bluffs. The stairs that lead down them are steep but manageable. My grandparents and I only went about half way, but the views were still great.


Around-a-about Drive: From the bluffs we continued around the southern end of the island with sightings of The Painted Rock, Rodman’s Hallow, New Harbor, the Coast Guard Light House. All sights to definitely worth stops, but this trip called for function over favoritism.

Northern Light: The final stop makes the whole trip round out in a way; from top to bottom of the island the tour includes the beauty of block within a short trip.

4pm Old Harbor Wanderings: Here you have some choices, depending on when you are choosing to take the ferry back to the Mainland

-If you are on the 5pm (like Grandma and Gramps), use your final hour to grab a t-shirt from one of the shops down town, Star Department Store was our pick. Grandpa had different priorities though, as Grandma and I pick out her souvenir, he slipped out to The Ice Cream Place, which he had been eying since arriving on the ferry. Well nourished and fatigued, their ferry pulled away and their afternoon on Block was complete.

-If you are on a later ferry, take a little more time along your island loop. Back downtown in Old Harbor, walk up to Abrams Animal Farm, see the Yak, and enjoy the island time. Head back into town and grab a drink at The National, whose patio overlooks the harbor. Dinner options are in high quantities, but a shout out goes to Finn’s Seafood whose corn on the cob is heavenly. Depending on the night Captain Nick’s will likely have live music for your listening pleasure. Don’t worry, the last ferry doesn’t leave til 9! If you are feeling lucky, head to Old Island Pub and try your luck with some Keno, maybe I’ll win back the ferry fare.


Shout out to my father and grandfather on Father’s Day today! Dad, I wouldn’t be on this island without you (seriously, you drove me here!). Your high expectations push me to succeed in the best ways! Grandpa, you’ve been around the block a few times, and keep it real as you go. Thanks for the visit!

How are you celebrating father’s day? 5 short hours on Block, did I capture the island for my visitors? Comment below!


2 thoughts on “Type A Travel: A Senior’s Afternoon”

  1. Jenna, We did have a great visit on Friday , the 19th. Eve if I should have skipped the wine, a. Very full glass. slows me down. Kevin tells me we are all over the internet . Re: my age!!! The lunch and ice cream were delicious though. Fun day. Br. Ran off to Sunapee checking septic problem and meeting Bobby , then on to Vt. His favorite haunt. All on our anniversary, today . Dr. Baldassarre was shocked that Br. Set me alone, driving myself. I am use to it. Karen called from Atlanta this AM to check on me. Have a good day. Love. Gr. Joanne. XxxxCalledfro

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