The Chopping Block: Spring House Hotel

I will attempt to remain as unbiased as possible as I review my dining at the Spring House tonight (It’s not like I work there or something). I had not eaten anything from the hotel’s restaurant since I’ve been here.  I kept putting it off thinking there would be a special reason to try it out soon enough. Tonight was just that, a fellow blogger is visiting the hotel to write a piece about the entire establishment and with a little aggressive action on my part, I found myself dining with Boston food blogger Fiona Coxe.


Fiona’s blog A Boston Food Diary covers the Boston food scene with attention to detail. Fiona got into the blogging game once her friends told her to find an outlet for her obsession with talking about good food. Spring House invited Fiona out to the island to review and post about the restaurant.

Over dinner Fiona filled me in on just where blogging can take you. We agreed that blogging helps to push ourselves to go new places, try new things, and meet fantastic people along the way. I think the best tip she gave me was to push my content, name and message in social media in order to gain attention. So loyal readers, get ready to see this name on whatever screens that IPhone can pull up.

Blogging aside, we came here to eat! Focusing on the dining, the meal and dining experience went above my already high expectations.

The Food: Fiona was able to order the Restaurant Week three-course meal, which included an appetizer of Balsamic Fried Calamari. I was a fan of what I tried, with the breading just right and artichokes accompanying. My entrée was the house’s special of Wing and Breast Chicken, stuffed with Brioche cheese, spinach, and mushrooms, served over caramelized cauliflower. The chicken was perfectly flavorful with spices, and the cauliflower tasting of sweetness. Dessert was definitely happening and the carrot cake’s frosting takes the fame from there. The food was presented beautifully and I understand the hype I have been hearing about the food that comes out of the Spring House Kitchen. 7/10



The Vibe: We choose to sit out on the Patio because one can not turn down the opportunity to dine with the view that Spring House has. But the Bistro inside is also a fine choice with dark interiors that make it cozy, and feel luxurious. Outside with the lawn, the view and the patio, the atmosphere is very Block Island (if that can be used as an adjective). The restaurant is fancier than others, but not uppity in anyway. Servers are happy to fulfill any requests and everyone in the restaurant is subject to the spell of the beauty, making it very happy place. 9/10


The Chop: If you are looking for a nice restaurant on Block Island, the Spring House is a very good option. The menu encompasses all preferences from expansive wine menus to fresh farm to table fare and swam today seafood. The package of place and palate pleasing cuisine puts Spring House at the top of my list thus far. 9/10


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