Droplets on Dreams

A rainy day on Block Island at first can seem like quite the buzz kill. Especially if you are only visiting for a few days, but as a “pin” on Pinterest once told me “Life isn’t about waiting for the rain to stop, it’s about learning to dance in it”. Cheesy, yes. But point taken, here are ten musings for your drizzly days on the island.

block island 088

  1. Grab a book, a spot and enjoy

I had to get this unoriginal one out of the way. But my spin would be to explore your options on where you choose to do your reading. Some of the larger hotel lobbies provide very comfortable options. Just remember, act like you belong.

  1. Take a Walk on the Beach

Excuse me; you thought this was only indoor fun, not a chance. A beach walk on a rainy day can be a dream like experience. Yes, you will get wet if it’s raining, but no, you will not melt. For one it feels like the beach is completely yours and yours alone. Second, you feel like you are some kind of of artsy poet who understands the meaning of life as the waves crash and sky pours down. Add those two together and you’ve got enough motivation to make it up Crescent.

  1. Bar Crawl

Start out at the closest spot, ask for “the house drink” and then ask your waitress to choose your next stop. Let fate take over on this one. Be ready to spend a few extra dollars with this choice, but the sun will be out before you know it.

  1. Create an Triathlon

If you are looking to work up an appetite before you spend the rest of your day eating (a great rainy day activity), choose three physical activities and get racing. Options include; running, biking and swimming obviously; but if you want to make things more interesting, make it more of a scavenger hunt with one leg being a selfie with a lighthouse, another being climbing the Mohegan Stairs 6 times, and the last collecting menus from 4 different restaurants. By the end you will be ready to try out number 9.

  1. Catch a Flick at the Empire

I can attest, this is a great option. I viewed Jurassic World last night (which enRAPtured everything that is wrong with Hollywood). The theater is more than a hundred years old and far from the experience of a mainland multiplex. It is an old school gem, and a real must visit for any visitor, drizzly day or not.

I feel the need to post the photos I took at the Empire in black and white, because this place was so old. Get to your show early, before the movie starts to enjoy some live entertainment.


  1. Get Artsy

Two steps on this one. First head down town and scope out some of the art shops. There are two great galleries on Spring Street and another above the Post Office. Go in, get inspired, then turn back and look at what you have for supplies. Can you take the maps, receipts, and other knick-knacks from your travels and make a cool frame-able scrapbookish page?   Or maybe you can make your own post cards to mail to friends and family from your “greatest vacation ever”? And even if you don’t have a pen to write your name, take to Instagram and shoot away. Store the extras for #tbt and this rainy day will make some future sunny one even better.

  1. Have a lavish Lunch

Pick your lunch spot with care and treat it like a big deal. Read reviews, and know what the place to is known for. Go one-step further, and write a judgy foodie review on Yelp. The Oar was a good spot for the few of us yesterday. They had great heaters and a foggy harbor view.


  1. Clean up the beach

Create your own community service. The island will thank you and your karma points will shoot way up. If it’s a Wednesday, check out the Nature Conservancy’s schedule and meet up with the group for some public good.

  1. Go get “The Cookie”

Wear your stretchy pants and head to Poor People’s Pub. Look the bartender straight in the eye and just say, “Give me the Cookie”. I think the photo speaks for itself. Rainy day blues will be far from your mind as you dive into this skillet of goodness.


  1. Board Games

I know what you’re thinking. “Really, this is one you’re going to end on”. But sorry, I’m not sorry. Board games are my jam and if you are not into a little friendly competition over some Scrabble, I have suggested plenty of other fine choices. If you are looking to play, ask your hotel’s front desk, they likely might have a few choices for your playing options. If not there, try the library; they have cozy spots where you can wait out the Hurricane going on outside.

I hope these suggestions have you feeling #blessed on the rainy days that do pop up across the summer. Which of these would try first? What is a good rainy day spot you know on the island to curl up with that book? What book should we all be reading? Most importantly, who wants to play scrabble?


3 thoughts on “Droplets on Dreams”

  1. Great ideas for rainy days but I am still hoping to do these in “sunshine” on Block Island in July. I am a firm believer of “do it anyways” even if it is raining!


  2. My two favorites include No. 4 and No. 9 I think number four is great for kids and groups of all ages. As a young kid I remember running around town with a smile on my face completing each task my uncle created for the scavenger hunt. Staying active even in torrential times is key, I love barefoot walks in the rain. Number nine is a weekly occurrence so I fully support this indulgence.


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