Island to Island: Guest Post

My sister Kerry lives in Grand Cayman, an island in the Caribbean. Though a little bit different then Block, she always has some interesting adventures to share. Enjoy!


Greetings Landlings –

Guest post from yet another unblocked Mead Sister. I am also island living just about 90miles south of Cuba in the Caribbean Ocean. GRAND CAYMAN. It has been my “home” for the past 2 years while I attend Vet School in my tropical prison. My days are spent in class and my nights are spent studying on my ass. I did however want to remember all my cold friends in Boston that had a record-breaking snow fall this winter and visit the ICEBAR in downtown Georgetown. It was my friend Keely’s 30th birthday. My personal belief is that the older you get the more irresponsible and childish you get to behave on your birthday. By the time I’m 100 my b-day party will be spent hijacking the nurse’s station at my “retirement home” and taking a bunch of Valium and sparkling grape juice.

Anyway, back to my frigid FRIDAY. The night started with what was supposed to be a relaxed night striking balls and scoring turkeys at the bowling alley, but Grand Cayman decide to flash flood that evening and the only thing open was ICEBAR (go figure). As I crawled out on my boat (2001 white Mazda Demio…look it up one of a kind) my TOMS (Yes, I save the children) were drenched in puddle of rainwater and salty piss water. But, that didn’t stop us. We walked right up to the attendant and asked for two tickets to the ICEBAR please (birthday chuckles includes with hopes to score from free drink tickets). She upgraded us to FUR COAT vs. just huffy puff winter coats… check it out….kbpp

Upon entering the ICEBAR., my eyecycles were drawn to the first magnificent wintery thing I saw. The bar tender named, ORION , A true Canadian dreamsicle. Ladies, can I just say… move to Canada. Talk about a Teenage Dream. Anyway, birthday shots began starting at the ice luge and ending at.. um don’t quite remember.

But can I just say….NEVER under any circumstance wear WET TOMS and go into an ICE BAR unless you want your three little piggy’s turning black and nearly necrotizing from the cold. All in all, the ICE BAR had its way with us ladies and spit us out on the street drunk, wet, cold and with 80CI less than we walked in with. I will spare you the pain of converting that to US dollar. ICEBAR 7/10. Orion added 2 extra points.


One thought on “Island to Island: Guest Post”

  1. A whole other island living adventure…I bet there are more commonalities than anyone ever thought between “block island” and “Grand Cayman” Love the stories – keep them coming!!!


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