The Chopping Block: Los Gatitos

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In a very befitting end to Friday, I went out for some “Mex on the Deck” at Los Gatitos. My friend from work raved about their food as we twiddled our thumbs at work yesterday so decided to seize the day and get in touch with our friendly neighbor to the south.

The Food: Mexican food, on an Island in New England, sounds a IMG_3357little dicey, but Los Gatitos blends the Block Island favorites and hankerings with some spice to make its patrons love it all. The group of us all dined on different dishes so I was able to see the spread of the menu. I had a Mex Chop blend of veggies, beans, guacamole, spicy shredded chicken, mango salsa and cheese. It was a great ratio of textures and tastes and I quite approve. On the side I had grilled corn. This is what takes Gatitos up some points. The corn is sprinkled with spices, cheese and homemade garlic mayo for a perfect combination of flavor. And I have this love of eating corn off the cob so I was as happy as a Mexican who made it to Texas.

IMG_3360My fellow diners sample the menu’s burritos, quesadillas, and most popular menu item, grilled corn bread. This is what will make this place famous. The cornbread is freshly grilled then drizzled with honey for just about the greatest slice of heaven on a plate. Get it. Get it. Then get some more for dessert. 9/10

The Vibe: Mex on the Deck is located just beyond Old Harbor, more like its outskirts really. It sits with its back to the beach and provides great sandy views. It is only outdoor seating for Los Gatitos, but it is connected to Three Kittens, a popular night club. So one could fill up on some great grub then go shake it off within steps. The outdoor nature and plastic sliver where keep this spot casual, but it has a nice relaxed feel (a Block Island trendy I’m noticing). The birds of Block Island seem to love it here too, beware. And don’t feed them, wait opps. 7/10

IMG_3368 (1)

The Chop: Mex on the Deck was reasonably priced, with good options for all tastes on the menu. It could enhance it’s décor, silverware and deck slightly to get to the next step, but in the mean while, it is great place to kick back reward one’s fruitful labors and enjoy. I would come back to grab a slice of heaven (corn beard), a mudslide and a sunset view looking west. I know I would have some takers on dining partners, but as long has they are long gone by the time the beans strike back. 8/10


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