The Chopping Block: Topside Cafe

I set out this rainy morning to find a spot where I could 1) get a cup of coffee and 2) get some fast Wi-Fi. I thought I had stumbled into heaven when I climbed the stairs up to Topside Cafe. They had the “cute” café style I was looking for and open tables for my choosing. Sadly it lacked Wi-Fi, but I am almost grateful for this. I cozied into a table with my coffee and did some reading while I read and studied the locals who frequent the shop.

Non-GMO Homemade Granola with yogurt

The Food: Like I said, I was looking for liquid on this trip, but the café does boast a variety of breakfast options with homemade baked goods (muffins, scones, beautiful cinnamon buns), quiche of the day, egg sandwiches and acai bowls. Drinks are plentiful making Starbucks look like a newbie. The café whips up fresh smoothies, and latte drinks topped with fresh homemade whipped cream (which I got to sample, and can verify it’s greatness). With choices and attention to detail for breakfast food this place is top notch. The coffee is made in small batches and I slurped mine down and was wanting more. 9/10

 Wait… what the heck is an Acai Bowl?

An Acai Bowl is most simply understood as a thick smoothie d6438e_340c7ba6c9ed4976ad9168a8737258a3.jpg_srz_p_120_90_75_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srztopped with nutritious goodness. Fruits like strawberries, blueberries, bananas are sprinkled with Topside’s homemade granola, a little honey drizzled over it all makes the cometogether nicely. This bowl tastes decent, but you can rest assured the breakfast choice is just what the doctor would recommend for a healthy breakfast.

The Vibe: So yes, no Wi-Fi, but I think that might be for a greater reason. This local spot is friendly. Here everyone knows each other and if they don’t know you, they are going to change that, from the employees to the other customers.


If it is the type of day (aka rainy and nasty) where you wouldn’t want to be at the beach, Topside is great spot to relax, sip your coffee enjoy their views and wait for the sun to come out. I had a great conversation with two locals about the ins and outs of the island over my coffee as I have realized this friendly atmosphere is pretty normal around here. 8/10

The Chop: The types of food served border the line of sit down breakfast and grab and go, the choice is truly up to you. During the Peak season, the café is open until 6pm so Topside goes beyond the morning fuel with salads, sandwiches and soups, and most importantly baked goodies for anytime food. The café has an outdoor patio, is dog friendly and makes it’s customers feel right at home. Topside, tops off pretty nicely, so head on over, but be ready to not want to leave for a while. 9.5/10

Photo Credit: Topside’s Facebook Page 


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