Getting On Block

This place is awesome.

I had high expectations, but so far this island has reach beyond my wildest imagination. But first, getting here. It was a slightly more than a hop, skip and a jump to reach Block (with the added difficultly of all my things). I decided to bring my moped to the island so bring it down required the help of my loving (and hopefully reading) father. We roped up the scooter on the trailer and pittered on down the high with each bump of the road making my stomach drop. We reach the Point Judith Ferry, parked the trailer, reloaded the bike and got in line ready to load the ferry.

IMG_8735To get to the island there are a couple of different choices. Depending on your price range, timing (of day and season) and amount of junk in your trunk (if you know what I mean) consider the following:

Traditional Ferry: The ferry from Point Judith can carry cars, bikes and mopeds, but takes slightly longer than the fast ferries, go figure. The boat had an interesting loading process in Point Judith of backing onto the ferry and I can only assume back off onto the mainland on the return trip. The boat offers snacks and more importantly a bar (sea sickness bags are available). The boat left on time and took just about an hour. There is also a slow (cough, I mean traditional ferry) from Newport with 2 trips daily.

Wind in his hair, working the camera.

Fast Ferry: There are fast ferries from Point Judith, RI (30 mins); New London, CT (75 mins); Fall River, MA (180mins) and Montauk, NY. These boats will get you to the island faster, but all do not have spaces for the soccer mom minivans or even hot Italian guy mopeds. Additionally, the fast ferries charge for their top notch speedy  transportation, so bring the credit card, you’re not go to want to see this one.

Plane: This is for the beautiful people. Cape Air and New England Airlines service the island. NEA offers $95 round-trip flights from Westerly Airport (Westerly, RI). Fast option by far, be on Block under 15 minutes, can’t beat that. Make sure to have the driver waiting.

Yes, there are many ways to reach Block, but even the slowest route got me here. And a little bit a of patience has gotten me to my new home. I hope to not leave it for a while. Pro tip: Make a restoration! You are not the only one trying to get to paradise.


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